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Welcome To Lyons Redstone Museum

     The Lyons Redstone Museum (the town’s old schoolhouse built in 1881) is one place in Lyons, Colorado for folks to visit.  It features Lyons history in displays, photographs, and genealogy.  There is also a book sale and gift shop. The Museum is open daily June through September.  Our visitors include tourists, residents, past and present students, and those “seeking their heritage”. 

The stone school house was originally built as a 30 foot by 40 foot stone school building in 1881. The stone was obtained from the nearby quarries. and was completed and ready for the 40 students the fall of 1882 with Mr. T. J. Thorne as the first teacher.

In 1895 the stone building was remodeled into a two-story building with two classrooms. Then in the spring of 1902 it was remodeled again this time into a four-room, two-story building, looking like it does today.

HISTORY in the making

10/30/13 - The Museum is safe and made it through the floods with no damage. Parts of the town were not so lucky. But the people of Lyons are starting to return and get their lifes back. We are so thankful that only one life was lost, but that was one too many. We are at the end of our season and will reopen in June 2014.

9/13/13 - Due to the recent flooding of the St. Vrain rivers and the devastation it has wrought on Lyons, the museum will be closed. We hope and pray that our good citizens stay safe.

A little bit of history for you:

In September 1913 there was a flood where the N. St. Vrain rose four feet and five bridges were destroyed.

In July 1919 there was another flood:

The top picture is courtesy H.B. Jespersen and the lower two with the old Lyon house are courtesy the museum.

On June 22, 1941 there was a torrential downpour that caused flash floods on the North and South St. Vrain Rivers.

For more stories about Lyons, see the book

Double Gateway to the Rockies, Lyons, Colorado 1900's


We are open:

June 1 - September 30

Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Sunday 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Museum Phone # 303-823-5271

Others times are by appointment only by calling

Mrs. LaVern Johnson at 303-823-5925 or email her at lavern921 at aol.com

Special Events:

Watch for any upcoming events that the Lyons Historical Society and Lyons Redstone Museum will be hosting.

Take a Drive-by tour of the Lyons Historic District, which features 15 sandstone building (1880-1932) that are designated as a Historic district due to the unique sandstone.  You will enjoy.  Pick up a brochure at the Lyons Visitors Center or the Lyons Redstone Museum.




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3/26/14 -

FLOOD DOCUMENTATION:  Priscilla Cohan is the one to contact for your Flood stories, Documentation, Displays, and Videos -  A Long time Lyons Artist, in charge of the Clarifier, the Sculpture Trail, and etc. and Chairman of the Confluence area, feels Lyons Flood News needs to be “Recorded” and displayed, and is asking that you write Flood Story and e-mail to her: prisciallacohan@gmail.com or call her at 720 245 3945.  She will be working with the Museum, the Library,  Chamber of Commerce, and Red Rock Ramblers Square Dance  to “tell the disastrous story” for History’s Sake. More later!

2013 Boulder  Flood Experience is posted at the Boulder History Museum, at 1206 Euclid, Boulder, Colo, which is open to the public. Stop by.

OUR THANKS to Priscilla Cohan, who helped get the annual SCFD Grant in the mail.

A nightmare to get it ready, but the $3000 from it makes it all worthwhile.  The SCFD is 1\10 of 1% Sales tax that seven Counties pay in for Art, Culture, Science, and History, to non-profit groups  Boulder County’s share about $400,000, which is disperse to nearly 100 organizations, including the Lyons Historical Society for Museum Operations.  A very worthwhile granting source.  THANK TO PRISCILLA FOR Help in , writing the Grant as well as going to their annual meeting in Denver (from South Boulder, where she was staying due to the flood, on a very snowy and icy morning. We will hear the results this summer.



3/11/14 -

WITH SYMPATHY:  We pay tribute to Shirley Fae Oldemeyer, age 89 years old, of Longmont, who died on March 3, 2014.  Shirley worked on Archives, and spent five years going to the State Historical Society daily by bus to archive all the area newspapers.  We certainly thank her for doing more than her part in recording history. Survivors are:  daughters, Janine Reid of Massachusetts, and Kristin Moyer of Littleton, several grandchildren and two great grandchildren. 

OUR THANKS to those of THE LYONS PROJECT by Jim Fricker, who presented a wonderful Documentary on the Lyons Flood with Music – Three songs were written from oldtime Lyons Poems – one being by Bertha Ramey on the Rebekahs (the Rebekah Lodge was very prominent in the 1880’s-1980’s with the motto of Friendship, Love, and Truth; and by J. B. Hall, who owned the land of the present Rock ‘n River.  A very heartning production, which we hope will be presented here in town!  Proceeds went to the Lyons Community Foundation

THE GO-COLORADO Grants Committee will meet in Lyons, on April 9th, to review the grants applications received, of which is Lyons’ Grant for $1 million. Governor Hickenlooper will arrive at 11:30-l:00 to look at the flood damage in Meadow and Bohn Park.  We welcome them!

2/25/14 -

2014 HISTORY CAMP: Good news! we just got confirmation that the Lyons Community Fund will be supporting the history camp this coming summer. Watch the Lyons newspapers for more details on this very popular day camp for Lyons kids ages 6 to 9.
--- Letters, journals, post offices and mail delivery will be one of the highlighted topics for 2014....old west, rural, settlers, businesses...

Christina Wells of THE LYONS DEPOT LIBRARY is applying for a State Historical Grant to restore the 1884 Depot building.  They are getting bids for a Historic Architect. DOLA  will supply  20% match funds so they can start Design Documents in a month and be ready to start Construction if hey can secure the SHF grant.  They are asking  For Letter of Support.  Address to: State Historical Fund, 1200 Broadway, Denver, Co. 80201
Send to chaoswells2@yahoo.com, as soon as possible.

THE GO-COLORADO Grants Committee will meet in Lyons, on April 9th, to review the grants applications received, of which is Lyons’ Grant for $1 million. Governor Hickenlooper will arrive at 11:30-l:00 to look at the flood damage in Meadow and Bohn Park.  We welcome them!

THE ART SHOW Monday evening by Stephanie Busby’s Art Class at Oskar Blues Community Room was packed, selling a big majority of the Flood pictures the students took; plus a sell out of the Flood books.  Astounding!  You can order more books, and I think pictures. @ Busby_Stephanie@stvrain.k12.co.us
   Thanks to Mrs. Busby; Bob Campagna, guest artist, the 20 students for the Keepsake, giving us their View and Their Story with pictures of the 2013 flood: Chase Willie, Tanner Torello, Joe Christiansen, Alex Eberhardt, Hannah Baker, Cole Bonde, Payton Medina, Karah Panwell, Lauren Simms, Dawson Kelly, Sydney Peck, Claire Busby, Christine Evans, Hailee Minelli, Kayla Grossnickle, Creed Guidice, Bowen Reitman, Catherine Stygar, Colleen McGuire, Olivia Tauvinkl. 
     We hope some of these pictures of the Historic Flood, can be made into a permanent display, at the Museum, or about town. Snacks were supplied by the Lyons Arts and Humanities Council. A wonderful benefit to the Lyons Community Foundation for flood relief! 


2/18/14 -

    The Boulder Heritage Roundtable is now accepting nominations from those of you (or people you know in the county) who would like to recommend fellow preservationists for an award during Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in May. Attached are the guidelines to follow when making your nomination. Nominations are due by March 10th.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Wendy Hall or Carol Beam.
Hallw@boulderlibrary.org, CBeam@bouldercounty.org


JURIED ART FAIR BY RICK HAMMANS at Sandstone Park – July 13 & 14th.  Stay tuned! 

THE MUSEUM RESTORATION IS ON ITS WAY!  Estella Cole-State Historical Fund; Gerald Crumpton-St. Vrain Valley School District, and
 LaVern Johnson of the Lyons Historical Society met three bidders for the Exterior Restoration Work to be done on the Lyons Redstone Museum
last Wednesday morning – showing them the project.  Bids will be in March 7th, at the School District – the BOES building on Clover Basin Drive.
  We will soon find out how much the project really costs (Estimated at $74,196, with a grant from the SHF fund of $54,127, and matching funds by the S. Vrain School District & Town of Lyons ($5000 each) with the Lyons Historical Society raising the rest from projects and donations.
    GARAGE SALE ITEMS are in our barn, waiting till the bids are in.  We will soon be able to say”  “Yipee, we made it!” 
The project should be complete for celebration during the “Good Old Days” – June 28-29.

GOOD NEWS: PETER BAUMGARTMER brought an engineer to the Lyons Redstone Museum last week to carry on his idea of holding
Performances and Dances In the upper story of the building; however, the engineer, stated the building was too deteriorated for 100 people dancing upstairs (being 129 years old) and the stairway would have to be doubled;  Therefore, this should be the end of Peter’s said Dream of taking over the 1881 Schoolhouse, leased for a Local History Museum,  into a Performing Art Center!!!!  Amen!  Amen!  Amen!

SCFD:  Thanks to Priscilla Cohan for helping with the 2013 SCFD Report; and for her help on the new grant due March 22nd.  The Lyons Historical Society was the recipient of $3000 grant for Museum Operations, in 2013, which are much appreciated.  SCFD Tax is 1\10th of 1% Sales tax paid by seven metro counties for Arts, Culture, History, and Science activities and projects.  A great help to non-profits.
   To be able to apply for these funds your organization has to be in action three years; with meetings and minutes recorded. Get a 50l (3) c status,
Get instituted by the SCFD,  and then can apply. It is not easy, but well worth it!

1/21/14 -

FLOOD STORIES:  Greg Berman, the Historical Society, Bob of the Lyons Recorder and others are talking about making a book of Flood Stories.  All stories are different, most are scary.  I read it was good that it was in the middle-of-the-night, as cars were not trying to get thru!  My thoughts were that it was worse.  However, tell us how you survived the flood.  Type up your store and send to lyonshistoryvideo, coloradocathy@yahoo.com.  You will be glad you documented this 500-1000 year flood, and that we survived.

YOUTH SUMMIT a division of Historic Places, will come to Lyons this Saturday to assess the MEADOW PARK SHELTER HOUSE, a Historic Site, which was cumpled by the flood.  The group is scheduled to have lunch at Oskar Blues at noon, and will report their conclusions on Sunday morning at the Chautauqua Community House.    
    (The Youth Summit began in 2007 with the goal of creating an opportunity for young people aged 13 to 18 to get out of the classroom and into the field to learn about history, archaeology,  heritage tourism and preservation.  Interacting with community partners such as federal, state, and local governments and non-profit historic preservation, tourism, community and education organizations.  Thus providing interactive learning experiences and service opportunities.  They work to achieve:  connecting youth and teachers to historic places; involving students in historic preservation, expanding tools to support teachers’ efforts in education, and to bolster local preservation. 

12/30/13 - Wishing you a Happy New Year

     THE LYONS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, dba Lyons Redstone Museum thanks all for their help and support throughout the year.  Luckily our forefathers had the foresight to build the old schoolhouse in 1881 on the hill, so it did not suffer the flood waters. 
   Through a grant from the town, the Museum is open to the public, daily June thru September, where visitors, descendants, alumni, past and present residents stop by the learn the town’s history-founded in 1880 due to the reddish sandstone that is still being quarried, still bringing work and revenue to our area.
   Through grants from SCFD, Blue Mountain Foundation, Lyons Community Foundation, fundraisers, and donations we have been able to survive the past 38 years, and will open again this June 1, 2014. 
    We thank all who have donated to the Matching grant fund to finish the exterior restoration of the Museum (pointing the sandstone, painting and preserving the upper story panels, and revamping the fire escape)  The job will go out to bid soon with work planned this spring.
    We thank all who worked in the Museum to keep it open and others who volunteered, enjoyed the Kids’ and history programs, and helped in any way.  Our Thanks.  See you in 2014.

12/11/13 -

Door Prizes won at the Lyons Historical Booth were great – thanks to Kay Latt of Longmont, who rounded up many great prizes, Thanks to Carol & Shannon Purcell of Walden and Kay (in the adjoining booth) for filling in for our longtime helper, Geneva Thomas, a flood victim now in Vernon, Texas.  If your name was chosen, you will receive a phone call. We have door prizes for: Jennifer Lee, Wanda Duchnson, Jenny Hartly, Tess McDonald, Lori Miner, Barbara Colby, Alana Yerman, Joylelyn, Debbie Tabor, Richard McCready, Rose  Nom’s, Steve Lang, Carolyn Cole, Lindsey Wheeler, Dan Ballard, Kim Lohr, Phyllis Tisone, Lia Malito, Barbara Dominguez, Kristine Buckner, Shane, (Call 823 5925 to pick them up)

 Thanks to Debi Stevenson in charge of the Cash Mob who brought her buyers to the Christmas Bazaar, helping the sales, and whose band that brought great music on Saturday, and to Santa (John Chilson, the former Soda Fountain owner) for bringing joy to the many children.

Thanks to bakers for the Lyons Historical Society:  Terri Weir, LaVern Johnson, Emily Walker, Jonelle Tucker, Michelle Goranson, and Susan Bling, giving us a good variety of yummy food for the sale.  Thanks to the folks at the River Church who provided hot chocolate and cookies during the fireworks, and especially to the  Dave Cosgrove and Marissa Davis of the Parks & Rec Department and all who helped at the parade-surely freezing their toes and fingers.  A great bazaar and parade.

SCFD (Scientific and Cultural District who collects 1\10th of 1% for Colorado Cultural events collected $34,812,368 to date for 2013, an increase from 2012 collections of $33,693887, an increase of 3.32%l Boulder County’s share is around $665,000,  which is dispersed to county non-profits, of which the Lyons Historical Society received $3000 for Museum operation.  Our Thanks.

12/4/13 -

FLOOD BOOKS are for sale by Lyons Photographer Kenneth Wajeda – order now: $89.95 – 196,  x 10, hotos-hard back or $69.95-soft back, or $59.95-7x7 – hard back & $49.97 - soft back.  Call 303 6399; or send money to Box 69; info@kennethwajeda.com



donate to: Lyons Historical Society-Matching Funds
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